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Ironing Board

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Grandpa's Crafts handmade wooden furniture: IBSSL ironing board, step stool, ladder!




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IBSSL (Ironing Board, Step Stool & Ladder)

Hand Made Wooden Furniture, Country Crafts!

Picture by "Country Sampler"

handmade wooden furniture - ironing board stepstool ladder comboThe IBSSL, short for Ironing Board, Step Stool, Ladder, is so very functional and useful, you will never want to be without one.  In fact, we have two of them in our home and use them frequently. They are hand made of Ponderosa Pine in Grandpa's garage, stained, put together and shipped from Grandpa's little barn.  Because it is a hand made craft no two are exactly alike.  They are as perfect from one to the other as one person can make them.

They can be used as a step stool, as a flower stand, or as a short ladder for reaching high cabinets. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the IBSSL's  ironing board position can be used as a sideboard for cookies, cakes and pies or for serving food. We make a special Christmas cover for this purpose.

The Ironing Board top is 43 inches long by 11 1/4 inches wide.  When in the ironing board position the board stands approximately 33 inches tall.  When in the stool position the stool stands approximately 24 inches tall, also when in the ladder position the highest step area is approximately 24 inches high with a hand hold at approximately 43 inches high which gives the ladder user a sense of stability when reaching.

IBSSL 3-in-1 Ironing Board - Step Stool - Ladder

Ponderosa Pine.....................................$179

Hand Made Wooden Furniture, Country Crafts!

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Wood country furniture and home accessories!

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